• Generic captain
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Supervisors: Nanotresen
  • Duties: Keep everyone in line, make sure R&D are researching

You are the captain and it is your duty to keep the station in line. Make sure everyone is doing there job and deal with threats to the stations safety

Being an effective captainEdit

You are the captain! Now while this position holds a lot of responsibility and a wrong move can prove fatal to the station but it can be made an easy once you get used to it. Your job is to make sure that everyone is doing there jobs, dealing with any threats to the station and representing the station on inspection from CentCom.

You start in your office which is beside the bridge. It contains many items including the nuke disk, hand teleporter, communications computer and identification computer. It also has a locker containing armor and weapons. In your bedroom there is a display case containing an antique laser gun which recharges itself.

It the room below your office there is a teleporter room. This can be used to teleport to any tracking beacons placed around the station and some off station such as the research station and telecomms.


There are constant threats to NanoTrasen stations from the criminal organisation known as the Syndicate. It is your job to make sure that these threats are contained and dont affect things aboard the station.

Generally the synicate threat isn't to big that you would have to devote all your efforts to and you can trust that security can manage to deal with the threat.