• HeadOfPersonnel
    Access: All civilian and cargo areas, most of security, medical, R&D, engineering, EVA, AI Upload, Bridge, Vault, ID computer
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Supervisors: Captain
    • Duties: Assign jobs to personnel, replace ID's, acting captain if captain is absent

You are basically the HR manager and hire new people for departments or transfer people to others. If the captain is M.I.A or dead you take his place as acting captain until CentCom send a replacement.

Being the HoPEdit

You are the head of peronnel and it is your duty to make sure departments are full of working people, do paperwork, assign jobs, give extra access, make sure supply is doing there jobs. You also have access to most parts of the station.

Keeping departments and their heads happyEdit

A lot of the time the heads of other departments will be moaning at you to hire more workers for them so to keep them happy you should advise any people looking for a job change to go work for them should they want to but remember its there choice and they shouldn't feel they have to go to work for them. At the same time you want to make sure that people wanting to say become a scientist know what they are doing, we dont want a department full of clueless idiots or the station would go to hell eventually, but of course if they want to gain experience send them off with there ID saying trainee so the members of the department know they need teaching and offer help. 


Assigning new jobs and giving additional accessEdit

A good and experienced HoP will have prepared paperwork that anyone wishing to get a job change or recieve addional access will have to fill out and then get signed and stamped by his or her current head of department, there to-be head of department and the HoP.


Yes as well as giving people jobs and feeling good that you helped someone you are also tasked with demoting people for whatever reason given. Like for jobs and access a good HoP will write up a form for demoting people.