Head of StaffEdit

Job Role Difficulty
Captain In charge of the entire station and makes sure each department is doing their jobs Hard
Head of Personnel Changes jobs and access for people around the station Hard
Head of Security Manage security, uphold space law Very Hard
Chief Medical Officer Manage all medical staff, make sure people are recieving medical treatment Hard
Chief Engineer

Manage the engineering teams

Research Director Manage the research team and make sure they are researching



Job Role Difficulty
Medical Doctor Listen to the CMO's instructions, treat patients Medium
Chemists Make medicines and chemical weaponry Medium
Psychologist Help people with there problems, help mentally insane patients Medium
Virologist Create cures and research diseases Medium
Geneticist Clone people, discover powers, help people with genetic problems Hard

Research & DevelopmentEdit

Job Role Difficulty
Scientist Research Technology and Toxins Medium
Xenobiologist Research Slimes and Xeno's High
Xenoarchaeology Go to the research station and mine rocks and take back for study Medium
Roboticist Create exosuits and cyborg Easy


Job Role Difficulty
Station Engineer Start the engine, singularity, solars. Fix electronics, repair hull breaches Medium
Atmospheric Technician Make sure the station can breathe, make sure the station is pressurised Medium


Job Role Difficulty
Security Officers Patrol the station and arrest criminals Hard
Warden Manage the brig Hard
Detective Investigate crimes, solve cases, interview suspects Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Quartermaster Order crates, make sure the cargo technicians and miners are doing there jobs Medium
Cargo Technicians Listen to the quartermasters instructions, deliver crates. Best beginner job Easy
Shaft Miners Go to the mining station and mine materials  Easy
Botanist Grow food for the station, experiment with plants Easy


Job Role Difficulty
Assistant Assist the station, good job for getting used to the game Very Easy
Janitor Clean up the station Easy
Chef Cook food for the crew and make sure the station is well fed Easy
Bartender Make drinks for the crew Easy
Chaplain Spread the word of Space God, help the crew through spiritual guidance Easy
Librarian Keep the library in good condition Easy
Internal Affairs Agent Solve disputes between crew members while remaining unbiased, act as a lawyer in court cases Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Artificial Inteligence (AI) Serve the crew Very Hard
Cyborg Obey the AI's laws and do the job or your assigned department Medium/Hard
Personal AI (pAI) Help your assigned master, Act as a translator Easy
Ghost Haunt the station and observe the round, or become a mouse ------------
Mouse Observe the round and squeek ------------
Cat (TBA) -------------


Job Role Difficulty
Traitor Be a syndicate operative and complete your objectives Hard
Nuclear Operative Syndicate operatives tasked with infiltrating the station and destroying it Very Hard
Changling Absorb DNA, complete your objectives Hard
Wizard Represent the Wizard Order and complete your objectives Hard
Xenomorph Evolve, annihilate the crew, reproduce Hard
Slime Evolve, annihilate the crew, reproduce Medium/Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Emergency Response Team Follow your orders from centcom and complete at any cost Medium/Hard
Death Squad Eliminate all threats to the station Hard
Space Ninja Complete your mission Medium/Hard